The Secret Behind Great Interior Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of Interior Design. If applied correctly lighting can create the illusion of extra space, add drama, and evoke certain moods and atmospheres within an interior. Lighting helps us to experience and appreciate great design and architecture to its fullest.

The selection and placement of light is the key element to interior design, it can enhance everything in a room from furniture and flooring to textiles and textures. By selecting the right lighting, you can achieve harmony between style, comfort and practicality, creating functional and aesthetically beautiful interiors. Below we look at the key types of lighting within Interiors.

1. Accent Lighting

Accent light focuses light onto a particular area or object, this introduces focal points into a scheme. Accent lighting is used to highlight textures and finishes, as well as artwork and sculptures. It can be used to pick out details within textures, to create drama within a space.

Sage minimal interior

Image Credit: John Cullen Lighting

2. Ambient

Ambient light provides an area with overall uniform illumination. Ambient light should be a comfortable level of brightness, to provide a functional and safe level of light without glare. In some areas the ambient light also serves as the main task light, in Kitchens and utility rooms for example.

Ambient Lighting

Image Credit: Architecture and Design, Residencia DF by Pupo Gaspar Arquitetura

3. Task

Task lighting helps the user to perform specific tasks, such as reading, applying makeup, cooking or working. The light should be uniform and bright enough to prevent eye strain. It should also have no glare, or shadows.

Task Lighting

Image Credit: John Cullen Lighting

4. Exterior

Exterior lighting deserves as much attention as the interior. When winter rolls in we’re faced with darker mornings and evenings. It can feel cold and dark, especially when your french doors suddenly become black walls. By installing exterior lighting, you can highlight trees, flowers, or stonework creating a view beyond the windows. In summer you can enjoy the light evenings with some atmospheric, soft lighting whilst you dine al fresco.

Exterior Lighting

Image credit: Pintrest

The impact of lighting in Interior Design can be crucial for a scheme to succeed. For example, a dark and moody scheme can feel cramped and claustrophobic without the correct lighting. If the correct lighting is applied, that same scheme will feel cosy and relaxing. Lighting has the ability to alter one's perception of space, applying the right lighting scheme will make a small room feel larger, and a large room feel cosier. Using light to enhance colours within a scheme is a great way to add that wow-factor to your home.

At we believe in sustainable design. Wrongly placed lights can often be a waste of electricity, which is why we pride ourselves on our lighting design knowledge. We like to do our bit to protect our planet by sourcing low voltage, energy efficient lighting, which provides the correct level of light.

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