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Autumn is in full swing! The falling leaves are scattering the landscape with vibrant tones and colours. The evenings are getting darker, and the mornings a lot duller. After such a long warm summer the drop in temperature is a shock to the system!

With it being cold and dull outside, there's nothing more inviting than returning home to a cosy, warm environment after a long, hard days work.

Below we've compiled some simple tips on how you can cosy up your home without breaking the bank. We've used the beautiful autumnal colours as our palette inspiration. Whether you want to completely redecorate, or just add a touch of warmth for the colder months, we're here to help...

1. Update your soft furnishings

Soft Furnishings

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Lacking inspiration? Draw on the landscape for your colour palette, you'll be surprised at how many colours autumn provides you to choose from. Cushions and blankets are a great place to start, a large chunky knit blanket will instantly make your home feel cosier. New plump cushions easily create the illusion of comfort and warmth, add in the warm tones of autumn and it's a match made in heaven. Don't be afraid to layer your fabrics; multiple blankets and cushions only create more warmth and a mix of textures creates a little drama in the room. What could me more inviting on a cold dark night than a lovely squishy sofa covered in soft cushions and blankets? With the sun setting so early in the evenings, windows and doors can feel like dark voids within a room. Curtains make a huge difference to a room. While thick curtains or voiles work as the perfect window dressing in the summer months, something thicker will keep your home nice and toasty in the winter months. Finding something to suit your scheme has never been easier with such a large selection of curtains available from retailers, don't be afraid to pick heavy, textured or patterned fabric, this will only accentuate the feeling of warmth.

Autumnal Living Room

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2. Put down a Rug, or two

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If, like me, you have wooden or tiled flooring throughout your home, winter can be a daunting prospect. It's hard enough getting out of bed on a dark, cold morning without the added chill of stepping out onto ice cold floors. Something as simple as an inexpensive shag pile runner can make all the difference. Even if your home is carpeted, the additional layer will allude warmth and cosiness. It's very popular within interior design to layer different rugs. The mix of colours and textures really helps to make your space snug, and unique.

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3. Get your lighting sorted

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As the days grow shorter and the daylight hours are limited, it's important to have the right balance of artificial light. Low level lighting is perfect to create ambiance and cosiness on a dark evening, while still allowing you to perform tasks. Warm light adds a calming orange glow, creating a perfectly snug interior without any glare.

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Here are HQ we are firm believers that fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas! They add such a warm ambiance to any space, and create a majestic environment.

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4. Accessorize

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Candles are an amazing way to bring atmosphere into your home over the colder months. The flickering of the warm orange light exudes warmth and comfort. With so many options available online, you can go for a lovely smelling candle, or something more decorative too use a decorative feature. I love copper candle holders, as the orange hues in the metal add more warmth to the candle light. Another way to introduce a Autumnal palette into your home is to add some flowers. Popping to the nearest flower shop is one option, but something we like to do is create home made wreaths, garlands and displays by collecting from nature. Add some sticks, or maybe a branch with a selection of changing leaves attached or pine cones. Rustic flower displays not only look amazing, but help you to keep in touch with the seasonal colours.

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