Modern Contemporary Bathroom Project

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Are your looking to build, redevelop or redecorate?

Your first thought should be how can this space make my life better?

Maybe you want to create a family space, an open plan kitchen dinner that brings people together? Or maybe you need more rooms so that you can have your own relaxing space when you need it?

We work closely with our clients to consider all of the elements that come in to play in everyday life, we can then create a space that is tailored specifically to you, your needs and your taste.


From concept to completion we'll be there to assist you with our range of Interior Design services, including : Moodboards & Schemes, Layout planning, Sourcing, CAD drawings, Planning permission drawings...

We have a trusted network of suppliers and trades people that we can recommend for your project (don't worry if you have your own appointed, we're always happy to work with new people) .


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of Interior Design. It’s also the one that can often get overlooked!


If applied correctly lighting can create atmosphere, evoke certain moods, add drama and even give the illusion of extra space.


With Smart Home Lighting Systems becoming more popular with home owners there is now more flexibility than ever with home lighting.


We create high end residential and commercial designs for the purpose of enhancing the users experience within the space.


There are multiple factors to consider when designing an interior : What size is the space, what natural light does it get, what is the purpose of the space, what is the feel you want to achieve - to mention just a few.

All of theses factors must be taken in to account and finely balanced against each other to create the perfect space. This is what we do.

With our personal and friendly service we ensure that we fully understand what you need to achieve with your interior, how to make the space work for you and improve your life.